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City of Inglewood, California

Stone Planning worked for the City of Inglewood in the planning of the Los Angeles Clippers’ Inglewood Basketball and Entertainment Center, a planned new 18,000-seat arena outside of Los Angeles. Our work was focused on informing the development’s Environmental Impact Report by estimating the share of the IBEC’s usage that will be new to the market vs. transferred from existing venues (such as the Staples Center and The Forum). These estimates were based on analysis of past usage of local arenas (including shifts in demand associated with the opening of The Forum), interviews with industry professionals such as concert promoters and facility operators, and dynamics experienced in the New York City-area market. Based on our analyses, we forecasted the future arena event demand in the Los Angeles market and the resulting share of events to be captured at the IBEC, and the expected share of this demand to be transferred from other venues and new to the market. Our estimates became inputs to the EIR, which was required under the California Environmental Quality Act and quantified the environmental-related impacts from development and facility operations.


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