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University of West Virginia

David recently completed a feasibility study of a renovation of the WVU Coliseum that also included AECOM’s sports architecture and cost estimating experts and The Rooney Sports and Entertainment Group. Our economic study included a market analysis of the Morgantown area, as well as past operations of the Coliseum and a set of Big 12 and peer university arenas’ premium seating. Our peer university/arena analysis focused on major basketball programs with similar arenas, many of which have been recently renovated, including the University of Illinois, the University of Michigan, and Ohio State University, and geographical peers such as the University of Cincinnati, the University of Virginia, and the University of Pittsburgh. Characteristics considered included market and university data; arena characteristics such as capacity, renovation cost, and alcohol policies; premium seat inventory, rates, offerings, and demand; basketball program revenues and expenses; and others.


We also completed an online survey of more than 10,000 WVU Mountaineer Athletic Club members and basketball ticket buyers in order to quantify interest in future premium seating options and other Coliseum offerings. The survey collected data on demographic characteristics of supporters, attendance levels, specific amenities preferred, and interest in various premium seating options at various price points. 


Based on the results of the market analyses and surveys, as well as physical possibilities and associated cost estimates, we then forecasted future Coliseum operations under multiple renovation scenarios. These forecasts included assumptions regarding future attendance levels, number and type of events, attendee spending, premium seat demand, operating expenses, and others, and identified the facility's expected net operating income and return on investment for all scenarios. 


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